2020 – web design and prototyping

canyon bicycles

Agency: Work & Co
Role: Designer
Partners: Jon Jackson, Steve Kuhn


Canyon is a German manufacturer of high performance racing bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes, with a unique model of selling online directly to consumers, Canyon's web presence is a cornerstone to it's success.

This project includes website enhancements to it's global navigation, product display and other features.

Product Display

Limited stock options

With every bike carefully handcrafted, production capacity was relatively limited, and based on data analytics, users were frequently bouncing from the checkout due to a lack of sizes being in stock at a given time and the product page needed enhancements to inform the user ahead of time to prevent such a behavior.

Proposed solution presented to the client
An exploration that was presented to the client, but ultimately unused

Further changes

After much discussion and compromise, we landed on a side rail pattern which provided a large number of features and information available to the user. Options to collapse redundant information after making a selection were provided but ultimately unused.

Final design presented, currently live


Complex organization

Due to extensive product families and models, simple navigation is needed to help both experienced and novice individuals find their desired bike of choice.

The current navigation design can be confusing for new users

Early explorations focused on sorting the products into easily understandable categories with more focus on allowing the user to associate product families with their specific intricacies.

A direction that was presented to the client, unused
Prototype of responsive interaction

The final proposed design flattens the navigation structure even more, leveraging large imagery to help bring more key visual to the product lines. The client was enthusiastic about this direction, but ultimately was never implemented.

Proposed solution presented to the client
Preferred variation of the final proposals